One happy dog

It is with a sad heart that I post about Rose, our loyal farm dog that passed away last week. I only had about two years of solid Rose-petting under my belt, but she begged the rest of the family for attention for more than a decade.

I’ve read several beautiful odes to pets on other writers’ blogs and I can’t hope to match those, but I do want to say Rose truly loved unconditionally. If you walked within twenty feet of her, she’d drop to the ground, wag her tail (and consequently, her entire lower half), and whine as if she hadn’t gotten attention in a century. She loved riding in trucks and tractors, sleeping, chasing rabbits away from the garden, sleeping, eating things that smelled, and sleeping.

It was probably a combination of old age and last week’s intense heat that led to Rose’s last run. She went out like a bad ass, though; two weeks ago she got into a fight with some critter and was sporting a split eye. She was a steadying influence on Rhoda (the young farm dog) and a constant loving companion to the rest of us. She will always be missed and remembered.