Big hugs to all of you

Hello loyal readers. As you’ve probably noticed from the last few posts, and lack of, things on the farm have been crazy. Summer is usually busy, but this has been insane.

For a few months now, I’ve been thinking about letting the blog go. There are so many wonderful blogs already out there that address writing and offer more experience and information than I have. And it’s hard to write about writing when you don’t have the time to write!

So I’m recommitting to my works-in-progress. I’ll definitely still visit other blogs (plenty still to learn!) and hope to see everyone around Twitter. As my dear friend KCC said, “I’d rather you have an abandoned blog than an abandoned novel.”

It’s been a wonderful two years:

  • 209 posts
  • $135.00 raised for local libraries through Jenn Hubbard’s Library Lovin’ Blog Challenge
  • Countless friends met and words of encouragement received

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by over these last two years; whether you commented, shared links, or just lurked, I’ll still see you around, hopefully with a completed manuscript on my desk. Wishing you all happy and productive days of writing!