It’s hard to believe this time last week I was frantically frosting cookies and preparing for the Harry Potter midnight showing. Now I’m just wondering if my face will literally melt off while milking cows tonight. Guess only time will tell, so just in case, some links to tide you over:

This list of Little Known Fantasy Gems from The Enchanted Inkpot both puts me to shame (I haven’t read any of them) and makes me smile (so many good books to read).

Speaking of fantasy gems, Janice Hardy posted these tips on increasing reader emotion. Just because you know how a scene will turn out doesn’t mean your character or reader need to.

The Intern emerged from her basement lab with a shiny, colorful analysis of THE HUNGER GAMES and discusses what makes it un-put-downable.

This week’s Link of Awesome comes from Books & Such Literary Agency: an eighth grade final exam from Salina, Kansas circa 1895. Yikes.