Haaaaappy Wednesday everyone! I’ve got revisions to do, a garden to weed, and cows to milk, so right to the links:

I’ve always wondered about sending a “test group” of queries and now agent Jennifer Laughran has provided the answer.

Author Jody Hedlund keeps the gems of wisdom coming with this post: which is more important, the first page or the last page?

PROJECT MAYHEM outlines the basics of a marketing plan for your book.

Be sure to save this post from Livia Blackburne that examines different ways to connect your main character to their best friend.

And this week’s Link of Awesome: A Parody from Sarah Ockler. Have you had enough of the WSJ kerfuffle? I thought I had too (although I’m always up for an excuse to use “kerfuffle”). Then I saw this response from author and fellow-Sarah-with-an-h Sarah Ockler. Enjoy.

What are you busy with this week?