Is it Wednesday again already? Is it really almost Memorial Day weekend? So much going on!

First, Happy 100th Birthday to the New York Public Library! (enjoy these ten fun facts from mental_floss)

Author Janice Hardy has these great tips for copyediting your own work. And while you’re there, check out Alina Klein’s guest post on foreshadowing.

Author/agent Mandy Hubbard just finished an epic tour of New York publishers and has a fantastic round-up on trends and what editors are looking for.

If you’re having trouble writing a scene, check out PROJECT MAYHEM’s tips for a different perspective.

Pat Zietlow Miller is recommending reads for the students in GLEE’s New Directions. So far, there are books for Kurt and Rachel.

This week’s Link of Awesome: the Wodehouse Prize swag includes champagne and a pig named after the winning novel. Hello awesomeness! (via GalleyCat)