Well folks, it’s been awhile since the last Linkfest Wednesday, so there’s plenty of awesome today:

Wordplay has great tips and tools for identifying and controlling your writing tics.

Agent Jennifer Laughran posted this round-up from her Twitter pitch contest. Excellent post for both tips and entertainment (werewolf roller derby says it all).

Livia Blackburne gives a great example of using foils to increase characterization.

A.J. takes on fantasy villains and blows my mind with analysis of Harry Potter sub-villains.

Formatting tips to make your editor love you, from Alison Janssen. Basically, learn to love the Find/Replace feature! (I never would’ve thought of the “tab” tip)

There are too many Links of Awesome to narrow down to one for the week, so enjoy a buffet:

AnnaStan’s inspiring goats.

Indexed does cheese.

Indexed does inspiration.

Best Flowchart EVER (via mental_floss)

What was your favorite link from the past few weeks?