Happy Wednesday all! I’m taking some time away from basketball fever to bring you some fantabulous writing links:

The lovely Anna Staniszewski asks a great question: do you give your characters choices?

Teddy Wayne has a fantastic guest post at the Guide to Literary Agents blog on author publicity.

Livia Blackburn gives us the basics on SEO (search engine optimization). Save this one, folks!

Laura Pauling keeps bringing the awesome with her posts on structure. The latest: what goes into Act I.

Indexed makes a good point on Denial versus Progress. I’ll stop complaining and get back to my revision now…

Shout out to Jessica LeSaicherre at Closet Writer for taking on the Query Mad Lib! Thanks 🙂

This week’s Link of Awesome: Leila at Bookshelves of Doom brings it again with this picture of Daniel Radcliffe dancing…and, of course, his clip from Extras.

Have a great second half of the week folks! Now back to basketball…