(Now that I think about it, that title makes me want to watch Aladdin…but back to business)

My new WIP involves some serious world building, which isn’t one of my strengths. I focus on things that really interest me (like the agriculture), but tend to avoid areas that don’t (like the politics). So, in case anyone else is looking for help in this area, here are some resources I’ve found:

Author Janice Hardy did a “world building week;” her first post is here. Actually, just read every post she’s ever written, trust me.

Patricia C. Wrede’s Worldbuilder Questions covers all the bases and some I hadn’t thought of.

Becca at The Bookshelf Muse just included a world building post as part of a series on unforgettable settings.

And of course, there’re the Fantasy Novelist’s Exam to check for cliches.

What are your favorite world building tips?