Happy Wednesday everyone! (It is Wednesday, isn’t it? I’m out of Diet Coke, so I just can’t tell anymore.) Well, assuming it is, on to the Linkfest: 

We start with a nice post from Jody Hedlund on consistency (*sheepish slacker face*).

Fantastic tips on Ingrid Sundberg’s blog to make sure your manuscript is ready to submit.

Marla Taviano guest posts on Agent Rachelle’s blog about choosing to promote other authors instead of being jealous (well, you know, after that initial jolt).

If you’re looking for story structure tips (ooo, pick me!), Laura Pauling has you covered with her three act break down of the movie How to Train Your Dragon and the resulting 15 tips.

And, just in time for the 35th version of my opening chapter, Roni at *Fiction Groupie* has a litmus test for your opening scene.

This week’s Link of Awesome: check out GalleyCat for instructions on turning your favorite book into a handbag (presumably, you have more than one copy, or keep an eye out for cool covers at book sales). I knew I should’ve paid attention to Mom’s sewing lessons…