Read one, read all, for the first Linkfest of 2011!

Wonderful and true lessons from young readers, reported by Adventures in Children’s Publishing.

Also via AICP, a worksheet for creating a 1-page synopsis at Let the Words Flow.

And, completing the trifecta, don’t miss AICP’s best-of-the-best roundup of craft articles.

Speaking of craft, the lovely Janice Hardy re-posted advice on getting through that saggy middle (of a draft, not the result of too many Christmas cookies).

Keeping the run of great craft-related posts going, Roni had a wonderful guest post from Laura Diamond on character defense mechanisms.

Who says writers only express themselves through words? Fellow Iowa SCBWI-ian Kellye Carter Crocker is trying to post a picture a day for 2011. I hope some will be of her bookshelves, so I can plan which books to borrow next…

Finally, this week’s Link of Awesome: Where does writing fit on this spectrum? 🙂 (from Indexed)