December 2010

So I really thought once I got my novel draft to the critique group, I’d get some more time to read and blog, but it turns out I had to get ready for Christmas instead!

I’ve been thinking about Christmas books and scenes. There are the classics like The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Santa Cows, of course. And who can forget the opening Christmas scenes in Little Women, the food in Farmer Boy, and the festivities at The Burrow from Harry Potter? What are your favorite holiday moments in books?

Have a wonderful holiday season filled with good food, good reads, and family!


Annnnnddd we’re off with another Linkfest Wednesday! Is it really December 15? How did that happen? Anywho:

First things first: from the lovely Anna Stan., a library that needs your gently-used books. Spread the kidlit love, people!

If you like “best book” lists, check out this list of lists for great reading and gift ideas.

Ooo, another cool gift idea from Bookshelves of Doom: classic texts in poster form.

Wonderful tips on promotion from author Inara Scott on the Guide to Literary Agents blog.

For those fellow revisers out there, A.J. has a fantastic scoring system to estimate the value of each scene.

Link of Awesome: Another gem from Indexed, and fitting this week because I’m emersed in Big Bang Theory DVDs.

Now to clean my house so we can put up the Christmas tree…yikes it’s coming fast!

Hello hello you loyal readers. I’m gone, again, this week, but it’s my last work trip before Christmas, hooray! So for this week, I present…

Pictures from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando!

Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Castle

Hagrid's House

Hogsmeade at sunset

Chocolate frog display at Honeydukes

Entrance to The Three Broomsticks

The warning signs on the rides were from the Ministry of Magic

As you may be able to tell, my sister and I had a geek-out fantastic time. Anyone else been to the Wizarding World? What was your favorite part?

‘Tis the season folks, and there’re some important things going on in the kidlit world:

The non profit organization First Book gives books to schools and needs your help (via SCBWI blog and readergirlz).

This year’s auction for author Bridget Zinn has started! Bid on some uber-special items and help this YA author and her family with medical bills.

A few other good links this week:

*Fiction Groupie* Roni has a great post on avoiding author intrusion with examples. And after that, check out her post on overwriting.

Link of Awesome: Can you name the top 200 most mentioned characters in the Harry Potter books? (Hint: typing “Potter” and “Weasley” will get you 16 points). I had to Google “McGonagall” to get that spelling right, sad.