I was going to post something inspirational today, but my head-fog won’t allow it. Right now, all I can think of is vitamin C and Kleenex, because I am sick (and very glad my Grandma doesn’t read this blog, because she would be saying “I told you to get a flu shot,” blah blah blah).

This bug has been going around, first my mother-in-law and now my husband and I, and I’ve noticed that different people handle illness differently. What a great way to show character. Is your character one who can’t funtion and moans and groans in bed? Do they refuse to take it easy and try to go about their day normally?

Can anyone think of books where a character reacts to being sick, just a cold, not a serious illness? I’m wondering how I can use this in my WIP. Have you ever written a scene where a character is sick?

Now go wash your hands and stay healthy!