Coming to you from yet another hotel room, happy Friday! One of my favorite parts of traveling is that I have way more reading and writing time than I do at home, and considering I have a revision deadline of December 5 for my critique group, I need all the time I can get.

This revision reminds me of a connect the dots puzzle. I’ve got most of the dots on the paper in the order I want, now the dots need to be connected. Then I can go back and color in the picture to make it shiny and beautiful. Of course, sometimes I get impatient and some parts get colored before others are connected, but hey, it’s a process.

Where are you in your process? Are you figuring out what all the dots are? Their order? Or are you adding senses and colors and life to the framework?

(And if you’re now in the mood for some dot-to-dot puzzles, check out these.)