November 2010

Oh deadlines, where would I be without you? My Christmas shopping would never get done, I never would’ve finished any homework during school, and I certainly would never get any WIP drafts done.

And I’ve got a deadline coming up. I promised my critique group a full revised draft by the next meeting, which my calendar says is…oh goody, Sunday.

So here I am, beginning and ending done, plodding through the sticky middle. Anyone have any favorite revision methods or tips for getting that last connecting part done?


Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! In the spirit of the season, forgive me while I ramble on about things I’m thankful for, and tell me what you’re thankful for in the comments.

I’m thankful for my parents, who gave me the love of reading; my sister, who finds the time to read my recommendations so I can talk about them with someone; my in-laws, who fully support my writing time; and my aunts and uncles, who take my word for it that Harry Potter is awesome and are now hooked.

I’m thankful for my husband, who gets his own paragraph, because he’s six-foot-five-inches of awesome who doesn’t laugh at me for reading kids books, doesn’t comment on the piles of dirty dishes while I pace around the laptop, and voluntarily watched all the Harry Potter movies last week.

I’m thankful for my critique group, who know how to be kind and accurate at the same time, and for my SCBWI friends, who are the most understanding and encouraging voices anyone could ever ask for.

And I’m thankful for you blog readers and commenters. It’s a scary thing, putting words out there for others to read, and you have been welcoming and supportive and loyal, and I can’t say how thankful I am to all of you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Munchkin and I at the last movie

It’s almost here and I’m freaking out!

First, my sister, aunt, and I have brand-spanking-new Harry Potter t-shirts to proudly wear to the midnight showing of the new movie (under layers of sweatshirts and coats probably. I like the summer releases better).

Then, my sister and I are headed to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios! So excited! (if you couldn’t tell) Thank you, frequent flyer miles.

So while I’m geeking out this week, leave your favorite HP character, book, quote, or really anything in the comments 🙂

(my favorite books are Prisoner of Azkaban and the Deathly Hallows, favorite character is Fred Weasley)

I was going to post something inspirational today, but my head-fog won’t allow it. Right now, all I can think of is vitamin C and Kleenex, because I am sick (and very glad my Grandma doesn’t read this blog, because she would be saying “I told you to get a flu shot,” blah blah blah).

This bug has been going around, first my mother-in-law and now my husband and I, and I’ve noticed that different people handle illness differently. What a great way to show character. Is your character one who can’t funtion and moans and groans in bed? Do they refuse to take it easy and try to go about their day normally?

Can anyone think of books where a character reacts to being sick, just a cold, not a serious illness? I’m wondering how I can use this in my WIP. Have you ever written a scene where a character is sick?

Now go wash your hands and stay healthy!

Happy mid-week all! Some quick links for this week:

Simple editing tip from the Writer’s Digest blog: cut one word per sentence.

Much needed perspective from Tawna Fenske on editor tastes (and more importantly, how it relates to wine!).

Running out of ideas during NaNoWriMo? Or just looking for a laugh? Check out the Brainstormer (via GalleyCat). I will also be checking out their Cliché Finder, just in case.

This week’s Link of Awesome: if you’re writing a fantasy, make sure you take this quiz to avoid clichés. I think #33 is my favorite (also via GalleyCat; I seem to be in cliche-finding mode).

Now to try a new chicken pot pie recipe…

Coming to you from yet another hotel room, happy Friday! One of my favorite parts of traveling is that I have way more reading and writing time than I do at home, and considering I have a revision deadline of December 5 for my critique group, I need all the time I can get.

This revision reminds me of a connect the dots puzzle. I’ve got most of the dots on the paper in the order I want, now the dots need to be connected. Then I can go back and color in the picture to make it shiny and beautiful. Of course, sometimes I get impatient and some parts get colored before others are connected, but hey, it’s a process.

Where are you in your process? Are you figuring out what all the dots are? Their order? Or are you adding senses and colors and life to the framework?

(And if you’re now in the mood for some dot-to-dot puzzles, check out these.)

It’s Wednesday, and that means only one week until new episodes of Psych! And, you know, time for Linkfest:

Jody Hedlund tackles the question, “Why Do Writers Do It?” (meaning write). A dash of realistic financial examples plus a pinch of inspiration. So why do you write?

Books & Such had this interesting post with statistics on kids and digital reading.

If you’re in the process of writing a query letter, or just need a break from NaNoWriMo, author Corrine Jackson blogs about her letter’s evolution here (via Guide to Literary Agents).

Guide to Literary Agents also had this guest post on using Twitter to connect with writers, readers, and publishing folks.

This week’s Link of Awesome: as winter approaches, Indexed has provided this hierarchy of hats. I’m afraid my stocking cap is on the bottom tier. Must put tiara on Christmas list.

What’s your latest Link of Awesome?

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