Greetings from yet another hotel room, folks. Some fantastic links for this week:

There’s a wonderful compilation of 30 writing quotes making the rounds, and if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out at Writer’s Digest.

And if you needed more inspiration, read this beautiful post from Heather Sellers (found via Jennifer Hubbard) about writing. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Back? Excellent. Next: If there’s a young writer in your life, read this post from the Mixed Up Files blog on what you can do to encourage them.

Agent Kristin Nelson reminds us to clear our Word document of track changes before submitting; click through to see how.

And for this week’s Link of Awesome: Minas Tirith made from matchsticks! And the best part: it’s in Iowa! Thank you mental_floss, for continuing to bring awesomeness to my attention.