Is it Wednesday again already? Groovy!

This week’s links:

Jody Hedlund continues dispensing sage advice with this post on planning her debut book party. Congrats, Jody!

*Fiction Groupie* gives great tips on avoiding wordiness.

Another fantastic post at Adventures in Children’s Publishing, this time addressing Goal, Motivation, and Conflict. A must-read for anyone looking to increase tension (And who isn’t? In WIPs I mean, not real life). 

Great brain tricks from author Robin Mellom. I can’t wait to try changing the font for a revision read through!

If you’re feeling discouraged by your day job, check out this mental_floss list of famous authors’ early jobs.

Serious Link of Awesome this week, folks. In light of the recent bullying-induced suicides, author Shaun David Hutchinson wrote this open letter to those with no hope left. Please read, please pass along, please help someone.