Linkfest is back! It’s been a dreary week in Iowa, making butt-in-chair look like a better idea than usual. And my Google Reader is down under 300 unread items, yipee 🙂 Some of my favorite finds:

The always helpful Donald Maass lists questions to ask your main character throughout the novel to ensure character growth in this post on Writer Unboxed.

Ingrid has a series of summaries from Gail Carson Levine’s address at the 2010 SCBWI LA conference. This one focuses on plot and predictatbility, but be sure to also check out the posts on character development and surprise and tension.

David leaves no stone unturned and gives 100% in this list of clichés. Which ones are you guilty of overusing?

Rachel at Books & Such is running a fantastic series of Things Writers Should Keep Track Of. So far, Part1, Part 2, and Part 3.

If you need any motivation to keep going this week, check out mental_floss’ list of “10 People Who Did It Anyway.” (prepare to be humbled as well)

Link of Awesome: Usually my Venn Diagram fix is met by Indexed, but this week’s nod goes to mental_floss for their post of 9 Silly Venn Diagrams. I hope you enjoy (if you don’t, we might not be able to remain friends…).

 So that’s it for this week’s edition, folks. What’ve I missed?