The Random Acts of Publicity continue with two of my favorite picture books, both by fellow Iowans.

Debut picture book author Rebecca Janni is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing and her book, Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse, is equally adorable. Nellie Sue dreams of having her own horse and being a real cowgirl, but she learns that sometimes you just have to use your imagination. For more info about Rebecca, check out her website and my interview with her. Get to know Nellie Sue and Rebecca as soon as possible, because you’ll be reading more of their adventures soon!

The ever-sassy Linda Skeers’ picture book Tutus Aren’t My Style speaks to my inner child, who is a tomboy just like the intrepid main character. Some people just aren’t meant to be ballerinas, but that doesn’t stop Emma from trying and, eventually, making her own unique ballet style. I showed this one to my Mom, who has since purchased it as a gift for several…intrepid…girls in our lives 🙂 See my interview with Linda here and visit her website for pictures of her seriously awesome storybook character collection!

These are two fantastic, adorable, and lovely books for your own shelf or a gift (or both). Go SCBWI-Iowans!