Thanks for your patience with my cheese geek-outs last week, everyone 🙂 I’m still adjusting to not eating cheese every half hour and being back on the farm, etc., and am proud to say my Google Reader is now below 200 unread items. In my frenzied catching up, I’ve seen some truly awesome links:

Matt has a great take on eyes in fiction and what they actually can and can’t do. Hint: eyes don’t march. Funny but true at the same time.

Author Janice Hardy dusted off some golden oldies to re-share her awesomeness at analyzing and giving real examples. I can’t pick just one post, so just check out the whole blog. 🙂

Did You Know: Giraffes only need 1.9 hours of sleep per day. Hmm, maybe they should be the writers instead of us humans…(thanks mental_floss)

Link of Awesome: It’s college football time again, folks (finally!), so click here to take mental_floss’s fight song quiz. (I only got 4 right and I’m a football nut, so you really can’t lose)