Well folks, it’s time for this year’s last Cheese-A-Topia post (I know, so sad). I am currently tasting as much cheese as possible to find more recommendations and I hope you’ll add some in the comments!

Obviously there’s tons more cheese around the country than I’ve mentioned this week, but there are a few more favorites I want to highlight:

Aztec Cheddar (hello gorgeous)

  • Blau Wein Kase – Flat Creek Lodge, Georgia. Flat Creek has some of the best flavor combinations and this cheese, washed in berry wine made on the premises, is my favorite. Also try their Aztec Cheddar, made with chiles and cocoa, for some seriously cool looking slices.
  • Grayson – Meadow Creek Dairy, Virginia. If you like (slightly) smelly, earthy cheese, try this award winner from Meadow Creek.
  • Barely Buzzed – Beehive Cheese Company, Utah. This cheddar is rubbed with a special coffee and lavendar blend, and the name doesn’t hurt either 🙂 While you’re checking out the Beehive offerings, also enjoy Seahive, rubbed with honey and sea salt.
  • Golden Greek – Ballard Family Dairy, Idaho. This halloumi style cheese is the perfect party or tailgaiting food; when heated or grilled, the flavor just explodes in greasy, gooey deliciousness.

Thanks for putting up with my cheese geek-outs this week! Happy eating.