Interrupting this week of cheese to bring you…Linkfest!

Read this post from *Fiction Groupie* if you’re working on a query letter. Trust me. Do it now! (thanks Adventures in Children’s Publishing) And congrats to Roni on signing with an agent!

Are you back? OK. Also from AICP’s weekly roundup list, The Top 26 Places Your Book Should Be. So stock up on copies and get marketing!

Mystery Writing is Murder explains the “spaghetti bowl” method for deciding which characters are earning their keep and which ones should be cut.

Speaking of revisions (oh, endless revisions), Shannon points to this explanation of the three-act structure, broken into six stages.

Finally, a very important Link of Awesome for this week: August 26 is Youth Literacy Day (via Lara Zielin). Click through to learn how to get involved and how to donate.