The week of cheese continues! When you think “Midwest” and “cheese,” Wisconsin probably comes to mind, and for good reason. There’s some true cheesy fabulocity coming from that state. But there’re also some great local options in other states, too:

Carr Valley Cheese, Wisconsin. Instead of making a list, I’m just going to recommend trying anything made by Carr Valley. Seriously, the cheese is that good. But, if you insist, my favorites include the 4 Year Cheddar, Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar, Bread Cheese, and Cave Aged Marissa.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve

• Pleasant Ridge Reserve – Uplands Cheese Company, Wisconsin. Any conversation about American original cheeses has to include this hard, nutty, complex cheese made only during the summer while the cows are grazing.

• Prairie Breeze – Milton Creamery, Iowa. A cheddar with hints of buttery-gouda goodness made right here in I-O-W-A. And it topped the year-old cheddar category at ACS judging last year. Enough said.

• Merlot BellaVitano – Sartori Foods, Wisconsin. There are several BellaVitano flavors and the Merlot is my favorite, although Raspberry is delicious too. A great, creamy cheese with just the right amount of flavor.

• Pumpkin Spice Chevre – Stickney Hill Dairy, Minnesota. Like eating pumpkin pie-flavored butter with a hint of cheese at the finish. So yummy, and puts me in the mood for fall.

• Ole Hickory– Homestead Creamery, Missouri. A smoked artisan cheese that won a gold medal at the World Jersey Cheese awards this summer. Also check out their Golden Glow.

Anyone have other recommendations from the Midwest?