Mmm festival of cheese

I’m off at my favorite work-related conference of the year: the American Cheese Society meeting. That’s right, I’m getting paid to go eat cheese. Lots of cheese. Lots of really really good cheese. So, to spread some of the cheese love, we’re moving off the writing subjects to feature some of my favorite cheeses from around the country. If you have some to add, please do so in the comments, and I’ll eat a slice for you!

If you live in the Northeast, you are a very lucky person, because there are some fantabulous cheeses in Vermont alone, not to mention the rest of the states. Some of my favorites:

  • Tarentaise – Thistle Hill and Spring Brook Farm, Vermont. Tarentaise is a hard, nutty, alpine-style cheese that has tons of mellow flavor.
  • Buffalo Wing Cheddar – Yancey’s Fancy, New York. If you like spicy cheese, this is for you. It may not be ideal for the “aged, artisan” folks, but I love what Yancey’s Fancy does with flavors. My other favorite is their New York Maple Cheddar, which tastes like a pancake breakfast (in a good way). Note: their green Wasabi Cheddar is only for the brave or those who don’t need their taste buds in the near future.
  • Herb Garlic Capri – Westfield Farm, Massachusetts. I love good flavored cheeses and this is a great combination.
  • Hand Dipped Ricotta – Calabro Cheese, Connecticut. This is amazing stuff, so sweet and creamy, and the Calabro folks are super friendly.
  • Cabot Clothbound Cheddar aged at Jasper HillCabot Creamery, Vermont. A past Best In Show winner (cheese, not the dog movie), this is one of those great crumbly, crunchy, old cheddars.

    Cultured Butter

  • Cultured Butter with Sea Salt – Vermont Butter and Cheese Company, Vermont. No, you read that right, this is butter, not cheese. But doyourself a favor anyway and try this butter (I mean, just look at the picture! Hello fabulous.). They ship nationwide and you will thank me.