Inspiration, giveaways, and book lists abound in this week’s Linkfest *epic echo* Linkfest *softer now* Linkfest:

Another great WOW Wednesday post from Adventures in Children’s Publishing. The moral, again, is to never ever ever give up. 

If anyone’s looking for a list of great “boy books,” The Enchanted Inkpot has you covered. 

Speaking of great book lists, From the Mixed Up Files posted this one today, highlighting books that should’ve received award recognition. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any of them, but they’re definitely going on the to-read list (approaching epic proportions). 

Author and wonderfully helpful blogger Jody Hedlund has a redesigned website and a giveaway to celebrate. Stop by and check out the gorgeous-ness! 


Another uber helpful author, Janice Hardy, has this post on adverbs and how they “red flag” opportunities for improvement. 

Finally, a sentimental choice for this week’s Link of Awesome: some parental love and much truth from Indexed.