And Linkfest is back! With no further ado, the awesomeness:

Uber-agent Nathan Bransford had this great take on “undercooking” your novel (OK, so all his posts are great, but this one referenced Top Chef, so it makes the Linkfest. That’s how I roll). The moral of the story: “Writing isn’t about capturing real life as it actually happens. Writers have to elevate life and add spices and all the rest.”

Wendy Lawton over at the Between the Lines blog did a great series on “career killers,” or behaviors that get authors in trouble. I was just reading along when she hit me with the one titled “Playing Around the Edges.” I admit, I have been spending more time on blogs than writing. Lesson learned, medicine swallowed, I just hope my WIP is ready for the revision storm that’s coming…

The uber-awesome middle grade-focused From the Mixed Up Files blog has this illuminating list of beginning writers’ biggest mistakes. A must-read, for encouragement along with learning.

Author Lara Zielin posted this delicious and wonderful idea to reward hard working, underappreciated folks. Who have you rewarded today?

Weekly Link of Awesome: The Old Spice guy plugs for libraries. Need I say more? (via Leila)