I didn’t intend to be missing in action all last week, but I have good excuses (making excuses being one of my specialties). So hopefully Linkfest will be back on Wednesday and I’ll think of something relevant and publishing-related for Friday, but for today, the things I actually accomplished last week instead of blogging:

  1. It all started with Shannon’s post about pie. Pictures of baked goods make me hungry. So I made chocolate chip zucchini cookies, peach jam scones, and peach cobbler. YUM!

    Helloooo cobbler!

  2. After baking came cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes. Ick.
  3. My aunt came to milk cows and make cheese! Despite it being frakkin’ hot and humid, she persevered. Doesn’t she look proud of our queso blanco?

    Say cheese

  4. I got the first three chapters of my revised WIP ready for critique group. Such a good feeling to be making progress, no matter how slow.
  5. My sister turned 21. Needless to say, my Friday was spent celebrating and Saturday and Sunday spent recovering, but we started the party by painting some pottery. Munchkin painted a practical mug, while I chose a gnome. Can you blame me? He’s adorable!

How have you guys been spending your summer? Any recipes to share or good stories?