I just finished reading Jacqueline West’s The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows (yay, Powell’s trip) and loved it. But it also raised a question I’ve been thinking about for awhile. I first heard about the book by stalking reading the Upstart Crow agency blog and was reminded about it on Twitter. There are plenty of articles about author platforms, but as writers, should we be looking for agents and editors who have strong platforms themselves?

There are many agents and editors who generously share their time and knowledge to give writers insight into the publishing industry. Writers are also readers, and usually voracious ones. So when your book is released, how much of an impact can an agent or editor’s followers have on sales and buzz?

On the other hand, would you rather have an agent/editor who isn’t spending time on blogging or Twitter or other social media? Many people say “Spend your time writing the best book you can,” instead of spending lots of time on social media. Should the same principle apply to agents and editors?

For my part, I think social media use is just another variable to consider when finding the right fit in an agent or editor. If you are active on blogs and Twitter (which I assume most of you are), maybe you want that kind of contact and interaction. What are your thoughts? Does online activity impact which agents/editors you target with your work?