Alrighty, Wednesday. Taking a break from applying aloe to annual 4th of July sunburn to deliver weekly links:

I’ve had some moments of doubt during the last few weeks, moments when farm chores and full time jobs and bills and housework were crowding hopes of writing out of my head, and then I saw this link from Adventures in Children’s Publishing’s weekly roundup. Read and take to heart Sherrilyn Kenyon’s journey through publication and life.

Here’s another author journey, this time from Suzanne Young (again from AiCP). I sense a theme for this week: never give up!

So now that we’ve thrown off the mantle of doubt and amped up the persistence, check out Agent Jennifer’s tips for self promotion, and be looking out for part 2.

Awesome link of the week: Star Wars pancake molds. Seriously. Christmas shopping for half the family DONE! (and of course, one set for me) Thanks Leila!