Dad lookin' sharp and a dress

First, Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, grandfathers, and father figures out there! My dad is the one who introduced me to Star Wars and the fantasy and sci fi genres, so I forever owe him for that. And for letting me follow my dreams, even the ones involving cows and cheese. I love you, Daddio.

Second, it’s also John and my one year wedding anniversary today (seems like forever 🙂 ) There have

Hah, another gratuitous cow picture!

been some big changes in the last 365 days, John quitting his job to become a farmer, renovating a house and moving, etc., but through it all John continues to support my writing and that means a lot. I love you, honey.

Third, (no more lovey-dovey stuff, promise) I’m headed to Portland, Oregon this week for my full-time job. The good news is I have one morning off and will be spending the whole time at Powell’s City of Books, and I’m PSYCHED! Definitely leaving extra room in the suitcase :). The bad news is that I won’t have enough time to sleep, let alone blog and read blogs and respond to blogs. Leave your guesses for how many unread items my Google Reader will show by the end of the week.

So have a great week, everyone, and I’ll be back next Monday!