Starting with a super important link, illustrator Kelly Light has started the Ripple blog to help animals impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Click through to purchase cards from some great and generous artists and help the animals (via Alice Pope’s SCBWI blog).

Author Maureen Johnson has a fantastic social media manifesto (via Tina Laurel Lee). Amen to conversation instead of branding!

For those who miss the sound and feel of typewriters, you can buy one that connects to a computer through a USB port (via Galleycat).

Want to attend a national kidlit writing conference from the comfort of your own home and for FREE?! (hello, who doesn’t) The Bowl of Awesomesauce comprised of Casey McCormick, Elana Johnson, Lisa and Laura Roecker, Jamie Harrington, and Shannon Messenger are organizing WriteOnCon for August 10-12. Check out the website for a list of the stellar guests lined up and get psyched!

Awesome Link of the Week: From The Oatmeal (so you know it’s good), an explanation of irony. Thanks Shannon Morgan for the link!