To start your Wednesday, it’s fan girl time: The next Harry Potter trailer is here! The next Harry Potter trailer is here! Forever Young Adult’s fantabulous analysis pretty much says it all. And now to other links:

Jennifer Hubbard has a humorously true post about the evolution of story ideas.

Great guest post on the Guide to Literary Agents blog about revision (or should I say “re-vision”). Don’t fear the changes, let them liberate you!

Debut author Kody Keplinger has a guest post on Janice Hardy’s blog about realistic dialogue. Straight forward advice on an area I really need to work on!

Awesome Link of the Week: Stickman in Fairyland, via Beth Reevis. The dude from the caution signs gets impaled by a unicorn. Seriously. Awesome.

Wait, may I have two Awesome Links of the Week? Why not. Rachelle Gardiner posted this comic last Friday and I almost rolled off my hotel bed laughing. Enjoy 🙂