Lots of people refer to their “to-read pile” or “to-read list,” but as I was unpacking books in the new Writing Cave location this weekend, I realized my “to-read” section literally took up an entire bookshelf:


OK, maybe not an entire bookshelf, but a good portion (This shelf is next to my writing desk, so obviously room had to be left for the Jane Austen and Edgar Allen Poe action figures, ACC basketball cows, and other inspirations/distractions). The shelf is so full right now because in the last month I had great luck at the SCBWI Iowa book sale and a Half Price Books grand opening. But some other books have been borrowed from other people for so long I’m worried they’re going to take some of mine as collateral next time.

This weekend I finished I’m a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be Your Class President by Josh Lieb, which was quite entertaining, but now my shelf is on hold while I read The Farmstead Creamery Advisor and work on a business plan with my husband. Oh, speaking of the cows, now that The Writing Cave is on the farm, there will be more gratuitous cow pictures:

So how do you deal with your “to-read” books? Do you read them when you get them or do some tend to sit around?