Good morning people! I’m coming to you live from The Writing Cave’s new location, where the Internet is working and the cows are mooing outside my window, so all is well. Once I get some of those pesky boxes unpacked, I’ll supply new pictures, but for now, links:

Are you prepared to summarize your manuscript in two paragraphs? One paragraph? How about one sentence? Agent/author extraordinaire Nathan Bransford gives his examples.

An informative, and honest, post from Shannon Hale on the financial realities of being an author. (Trying to budget the amount of money I spend on books and Diet Coke is terrifying…maybe I’ll just get a third job…)

Author J.T. Ellison has a great guest post on the Guide to Literary Agents blog addressing Ten Tips for Market Your Book Online.

This is such an interesting idea: author Matt Bell is writing a short story online and you can follow his progress and editing in real time. (via Galleycat)

Working to tighten up your action scenes? Janice Hardy shows her revision process for two scenes from her debut novel, The Shifter.

And finally, as this week’s Link Of Awesome, this post from Hyperbole and a Half rivals the epic “alot” post from a few weeks ago. Do yourself and your significant other a favor and check out Allie’s World’s Best Relationship Tips.