Oh revision, I was actually looking forward to you. I told myself, “Just get the first draft done, then you can make it better and not have to stare at a blank Word document.” Ha.

I’ve taken time, composted the story in my head, gotten critiques, listed new plot points on index cards and spread them all over my office. I was feeling good about where the story was going and how much stronger the second draft was going to be. But here’s the thing: I’m still looking at a blank Word document!

This revision has been like putting together a jigsaw puzzle (yes, my family members are puzzle people). I started out really excited, sorting the edge pieces to create the framework, then putting together the fun things in the middle (like cute animal faces or flowers or the one colorful house). Now what’s left are the pieces of sky and grass that all look the same.

When I reach that point in a puzzle, it’s SO tempting to call it good. Why do I need to finish the whole thing if I’ve done all the fun parts? Can’t I just leave the fun-hater boring pieces? *sigh* That ability is not in my DNA. I have to finish it. Which means hours of trying the same pieces in the same spots over and over and over again. But when they’re all in their right places, it’s such a feeling of accomplishment, seeing the whole picture.

So now I push ahead in revisions. I’ve finished my revised framework and written the new fun scenes, which leaves the background. The descriptions, the nuances of dialogue, the bridges between scenes. Just waiting to be written into that frakking Word document.

What’s your favorite part of revision? (Or we could just talk puzzles. Puzzles are cool. Really.)