My husband and I just listed our house and have received some interest for showings, which is great. But after we return to an empty house and a realtor card, I want immediate feedback. What did they think? What’s the level of interest? Are they going to make an offer? And then it hit me: I’d better get used to it, because this must be what it feels like to query.

Think about it. You work hard to get the house as cleaned up and sparse and attractive as possible. You enlist professional help from someone in the business. You have a listing of the basic information (the pitch). Someone shows interest and gives the house a more thorough examination (the manuscript request). And, in the best scenario, offers to buy! Sometimes the whole process can take a LONG time, but you have to be persistent and willing to make changes.

This is another opportunity for me to practice patience. It is a good thing (she keeps repeating to herself). But when I’m ready to query, I hope the manuscript is ready and clean, not like my house, where I have to remember to put the books back on their shelves and take down the bras drying on hangers.

Have you survived either of these processes? Any tips?