Happy Wednesday peoples! I’ll have presentation reports from the SCBWI-Iowa conference starting Monday, but for now, it’s Linkfest time:

Livia Blackburne gives a fantastic summary from a Harvard Writers Conference. My favorite point: “People think they’re reading because they want to find out what happens, but actually, they’re reading because the author made them care about the characters.” (author Michael Palmer).

Before you send out your writing, search for these common and weak words/phrases (via Nathan Bransford).

Agent Jennifer Laughran presents her take on rejection. Everyone should read this! (Seriously. Go Now…Are you back? OK.)

Galleycat asked readers for the best books on writing. Some of them I have, some I’ve never heard of. Which of your favorites didn’t make the top ten?

And this week’s awesomeness from Indexed: Snack Time!

Breaking news: a second piece of awesomeness has come to my attention. Does it bother you when people type “u” instead of “you”? Or leave out apostrophes? Or lastly, and most importantly, combine “a” and “lot” into a single entity? Is this the post for you! Enjoy. (thanks Janet Reid)