Happy-ish Wednesday everyone. Let the Linkfest begin:

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve achieved immortality via the Library of Congress. Congratulations! As reported here by GalleyCat, the Library of Congress is archiving every public tweet ever sent. That’s over 50 million per day. So, have fun with that…

Count on Chip MacGregor to be able to sum up writing advice into ten bullet points. Valuable advice that covers all the basics.

Or, if you’re not much for rules (“they’re more like ‘guidelines’ anyway”), check out this week’s link to my new favorite website Indexed. Where are you on the curve?

While on the “chart” kick, are you classified as a nerd, a dork, a dweeb, or a geek? (via YABOOKNERD)

Also from YABOOKNERD, it’s a Harry Potter poster! Ooo ooo fangirl squeal!

Finally, for everyone headed to conferences soon (SCBWI-Iowa starts Friday, hoorah!), Forbes has 10 tricks to remembering names. Now I just have to figure out how to put the faces with the names I remember…solution: everyone wear your name tags!

Anyone else going to SCBWI-Iowa this weekend?