Greetings all! Anyone else’s stomach still working on Easter candy? Darn bunnies. Anywho, some great links this week:

For everyone getting ready for spring writing conferences, Alan Rinzler has advice about the book pitch.

Or if you’re looking for advice on the infamous “slush pile,” check out this post from agent Jill Corcoran.

Eric at Pimp My Novel has a list of publishing abbreviations you need to know (and his blog is one you should definitely know!)

And if that wasn’t enough for you, Editorial Anonymous has a very informative post explaining kinds of royalties and other related terminology.

Finally, Tabitha at Writer Musings has some great titles in her April book giveaway. Good luck to all entering, but yes, it’s mostly mentioned here so I get another few entries in my name 🙂 What? I told you they were good titles this month!