The Blogger’s Library-Loving Challenge is the brain-child of author Jennifer Hubbard who was looking for a way to generate support for libraries and foster blog connections. I’d say it was successful; last year, participating bloggers raised over $1600 for their local libraries.

Want to help make this year even better? Leave a comment on this post. It’s super easy, and I won’t send you any junk mail or pester you to help fund my next Big Idea, I promise. (Unless you want in…it’s going to be spectacular!) I will donate $1 to the Ames Public Library for every comment received between now and Friday, March 26, up to $100. And when you’re done here, click over to Jennifer’s master post to visit other participating blogs and raise even more money.

So come on people, I dare you to top 100 comments! My WordPress stats will go nuts 🙂 You type a message, I pay, everyone wins. That’s what I call a great challenge.