I try to stick to writing-related posts, but this time of year, only the NCAA basketball tournaments can keep my attention for any amount of time. After one day of action, here are some thoughts thus far in the 2010 edition:

  • This was definitely the best week EVER to get a new DVR with picture-in-picture capability.
  • I love the fact that Old Dominion ousted Notre Dame. Yes, I picked it and get five points in the office pool instead of one because it was an upset, but I mostly love it because now I can go for at least eight months without hearing the announcers describe the Notre Dame offense as a “slow burn.” Over and over and over again.
  • I’m pretty sure “They only lost on the scoreboard” doesn’t provide any consolation to the losing team, regardless of their valiant effort.
  • All players should be required to wear goggles. Just for added entertainment value.
  • Teams that just got done playing a double-overtime game should be excused from those stupid press conferences.
  • Apparently CBS will postpone airing soap operas during the tournament, but Oprah keeps her time slot come hell or high water.
  • Big sporting events (are you listening, Olympics?) should start televising around 8:00AM so I can watch all day and not have to stay up late (hmm, didn’t mean to sound old and fun-hater-ish there).
  • March Madness is the (sing it with me) most wonderful tiiiiiiime of the year…

I will be attending my first ever NCAA tournament game this Sunday to watch the Iowa State women take on Lehigh. Go Cyclones!

Are there any other basketball fans out there? What are your thoughts on the tournament so far?