Spring is dipping its toe in Iowa’s pond o’ winter and, although I’m not counting on spring doing a cannonball anytime soon, it’s nice to see the sunshine. But there has been one casualty from this experimental thaw: Fred the Ice Sickle.

Fred (seen at right) had been a constant, growing companion outside my front door since November, and he just reached full (to the ground) height last week. Then, one morning, he was gone, only the ice pieces scattered around my front steps lending proof to his former existence.

Was it a frustrated mailman that ended Fred’s tenure on my roof? Drunken college students perhaps? Or just the early March sun? Regardless, I miss Fred now, but if we hit 50 degrees today, I’m thinking I will get over it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! (Anyone in the Des Moines area should check out Rebecca Janni’s book release party at Beaverdale Books. I hear there will be horseshoe cookes!)