Anyone else loving the Olympics?! Add the Westminster Dog Show into the mix and I’ve been in TV heaven. But, to the publishing world:

Miss the NYC SCBWI conference? Check out the list of round-up links from Market My Words.

And if you’re going to a writer’s conference in the future (like the Iowa SCBWI one in April, yay!), check out this advice from folio, via Guide to Literary Agents.

Author Jody Hedlund has some interesting posts on what authors are expected to do for marketing. After hearing lots of “you have to do it yourself because publicists are overworked,” this is a refreshing different experience.

Does your work suffer from one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Novel Writing? Check out The Bookshelf Muse and find out.

Huge news from PRADA AND PREJUDICE author Mandy Hubbard: she’s now agenting! Click here for details about what she’s looking for (hint: think middle grade and YA).

Finally, ooo ooo ooo, the third Hunger Games book cover has been revealed! Thanks YABOOKNERD for sending me into fan-girl frenzy 🙂