Happy Wednesday all! Good list of links today:

Looking for ideas of how to use social media? Check out this fantastic article from the School Library Journal (via Cynsations).

Fun but true Good Idea/Bad Idea post from Eric at Pimp My Novel (seriously, check this blog out if you haven’t before). Here’s a sample:

Good Idea: Following an agent’s guidelines when submitting your novel.
Bad Idea: Following an agent to his or her office/car/home to submit your novel.

For those following the Amazon v. MacMillan story, anyone like me and wondering what this “agency model” thing is? Eric (again) sets me straight here.

Julie at Write Up My Life has a post titled Jane Yolen’s 20 Rules of Writing. Hello, it’s Jane Yolen, which makes it a must read!

And finally, in honor of Valentine’s Day, this comic from MiG writers 🙂