It’s another snowy Wednesday in Iowa (is winter over yet?) and time for this week’s Linkfest. Enjoy!

Fantastically insightful guest post on Market My Words as author Michelle Zink shares the information she learned on her book tour about what teens really look for in books.

Frenetic Reader had a list of The Best YA Books You’ve Never Read. Confession: I’ve read none of the three (yet), but have heard of one 🙂

Via Teenreads, HarperCollins has launched Inkpop, a social media meets fan fiction site where writers can post anything from poems to full-length novels. The catch: postings are not only read by other writers but HC editors as well. Not sure if any book deals have come out of this, but it will be an interesting experiment. Anyone have experience with this kind of site?

Need a quick reference poster for common spelling and word use mistakes? Check out this one from The Oatmeal (via BookEnds). Guilty of the “definitely” one, and “effect” vs. “affect” usually takes me a minute to think about.

Finally, if you need a laugh for your day, and who doesn’t, check out the 11 Most Painfully Obvious Newspaper Articles Ever (via Chip MacGregor).