Why do the holidays go super fast while Christmas stocking candy sticks around taunting me? Anyone else have this problem?

Since The Writing Cave has been on an extended holiday, the first Linkfest of 2010 (twenty-ten? Two thousand ten?) is overflowing:

Congrats to uber-author Katherine Paterson on being named the national ambassador for young people’s literature. My favorite quote, when asked why she doesn’t write for adults: “My books have gone on and on, and my readers, if they love the book, they will read it and reread it. I have the best readers in the world.” Read the New York Times article.

Cybil finalists announced (via Becky).

The 17 Reasons Manuscripts are Rejected, via Cynsations.

A timely post for me, 8 Tips for Writing Comedy (also via Cynsations).

For all of you wondering how to find comp titles, as recommended by Steve Meltzer at fall conference, check out this post from Jill Corcoran.

In a follow up to one of my favorite posts of 2009, The Intern expands on the Electric Kool-Aid Conflict Test.

Finally, an excellent post from author Janice Hardy about her basic plot structure, including how to get through the devious middle section.

Happy New Year everyone!