In honor of National Novel Revising Month (it’s true, The Intern says so), be sure to check out her tips for revising. My favorite so far: the electric kool-aid conflict test. Open any novel to a random page and read a paragraph. Can you tell what the conflict is? Would your manuscript pass that test? I like her analogy of a cake – if you poke it anywhere with a toothpick, will it come out clean? What parts aren’t done baking yet?

The rest of this week’s links du jour:

Great post, advice, and links about author marketing from Elizabeth O. Dulemba via Cynsations.

Writer’s Digest has released their latest list of 24 Agents Who Want Your Work, including a few agents looking for children’s/middle grade/young adult.

Wondering what goes into a book proposal? Check out the basics from Books & Such.

I’m soaking up the sun in Dallas for the next few days before heading back to the midwest. Is it unseasonably warm everywhere else?