Finished Savvy by Ingrid Law and loved the voice of Mibs and how the savvys of each family member works into their characters and lives. Out of all the wonderfulness though, my favorite was the “Kansaska-Nebransas” idea; I had to smile whenever I saw it on the page. If you’re wondering what that means, read the book now!

Also read The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie which, like Savvy, was as wonderful as advertised and more. A unique voice and story, with heart and hilarious illustrations addressing serious subjects.

I have been trying to get into Diana Wynne Jones for awhile now, and finally found a copy of Howl’s Moving Castle during the last library trip. It was certainly a unique story with some entertaining characters, although I couldn’t get into the ending and how things end up. So much time was spent developing the main character and Howl’s issues, I don’t think we saw enough change in their feelings to justify the ending.

The Off Season is the sequel to Dairy Queen, a book I loved because the main character is a farm girl who plays football. In the sequel, we get to see more Schwenk family humor and character development during a tragedy that hit home for me because my boss had a similar accident and is in a wheelchair. Looking forward to the last book!

The Dragon Heir is the third in Cinda Williams Chima’s series and possibly my favorite. Each book has a different narrator, which lets the reader get different viewpoints while bringing back characters from previous books. I love series-ending books because everything finally gets tied up, but these characters and the world of Trinity is one I’ll miss.

Finally, I plowed through Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr last week and wow, could not put it down. Totally unique story with well-drawn characters and a protagonist who refuses to accept the given options. Seth is now one of my favorite male characters in literature!

What are you reading?