I’m off in cheese world for the rest of the week, or more specifically, at the American Cheese Society conference in Austin, Texas. This is my favorite conference of the year for my full-time (non-writing) job and I’m eating amazing (and free) cheese like crazy!

One of my favorite things about traveling is the excuse to sit around in airports, on airplanes, in hotel rooms, etc. just reading and writing. On this trip, I have my work-in-progress printed out for revisions to get ready for next week’s critique group deadline. Despite these good intentions, I did spend most of the trip down to Austin reading The Wizard Heir instead J During the typical work week, I try to spend the time after my work day ends writing and the time right before bed reading.

Do you have full time jobs outside writing, and how do you work writing into your day? Do you set regular goals on word count or progress? Do you have any tips to share on time management?