Welcome to The Writing Cave, home of Sarah Mullen Gilbert, writer of young adult fantasy and historical fiction! The only physical seating available in The Cave is an old purple-ish office chair that only rolls one direction (usually toward bare feet) and a stained Ikea chair, but there’s plenty of room for all via the Internet. (After selecting the theme template, I feel compelled to point out there is no room for a car in The Cave, but I like it otherwise)

I hope this blog will provide motivation and create bunches of discussion as I know lots of people are working toward getting published. Along the way, I’ll link to other literary blogs, of which there are many great ones, share tips, and probably post random pictures. But I really need YOU to help make this blog go, so please visit often and leave comments so everyone can benefit from your experiences and thoughts.

In the world outside books (there is one, right?), I work for a dairy organization (as in cows) and am going to start a creamery making cheese and butter someday. I also enjoy movies, any kind of dancing (now taking belly dancing lessons), starting cross stitch projects (finishing is a separate issue), gardening, and learning to live with my husband (we’ve made it through the first month relatively unscathed).

So thanks for stopping by, and please introduce yourself in the comments section! Also look me up on Twitter (SMullenGilbert) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/sarah.m.gilbert)!